Friday, September 21, 2012

Harvestfest Menu

·         Tomatillo and Winter Savory Bruschetta
o   Topped with French sorrel
·         Corn and Lower Salmon River Valley Squash Fritters
o    Topped with herb and tangy sour cream

·         Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad
o   With toasted almonds, fennel, parmesan and oven dried tomatoes tossed with a mustard vinaigrette

Main Course:
·         Sliced Top Round of Beef
o   House-smoked with a lovage horseradish sauce and au jus
·         Cedar Plank Salmon
o   Topped with fresh herbs and tomato beurre blanc
·         Roasted root vegetables
o   Multicolor fingerling potatoes; sunchokes; and onions; seasoned with lemon and sage
·         Char-grilled broccoli
o   With chili and garlic

·         Apple and Rhubarb Crisp
o   With Zestar and Granny Smith apples

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