Friday, November 2, 2012

Employee Salute - Kevin Adams

Employee Salute
Kevin Adams
By Seth Eagleton
 Winter Caretaker at Many Glacier Hotel.

Right about now, Kevin Adams is probably wondering what in the world he got himself into. As the new winter caretaker for Many Glacier Hotel, he will experience isolation and extreme weather found few places in the world. The only road which accesses the hotel closes for the season at the Glacier National Park entrance due to adverse weather conditions. Snow machines are prohibited inside Glacier National Park boundaries so his only way in or out is seven miles by snowshoe or cross country ski until the rangers re-open the gate and begin plowing the snow in late May. Until then he will be in charge of maintaining the facilities at Many Glacier Hotel during the winter months. 
I found it humorous that as prep for his new position Kevin purchased a copy of The Shining. In all seriousness he should have no shortage of duties to keep him busy over the coming months. One year a mountain goat wandered off a snowdrift onto the roof of the hotel and fell through the skylight. Yes, it snows that much! That goat still resides at the hotel, albeit mounted in a glass case. The harsh winters take a toll on the historic lodges of Glacier National Park so Kevin should have adequate chores to keep him from boredom.
                Prior to his career at GPI, he can tell you stories of traveling with Disney on Ice where he worked as the lighting and screen director, or the time that he rode in the “Hotter’n Hell 100” in Amarillo Texas with a 17-year-old Lance Armstrong. He likes to travel and has been all around the world. He is a people person and has made lots of friends across the globe.  He likes that he gets to see all of the “internationals,” as he calls them, on his home turf now that he has settled down here in Glacier National Park.
Kevin began his employment with Glacier Park, Inc. in the maintenance department of Lake McDonald Lodge in 2007. That’s where he shines. He became known as the “Guitar Guy” around Lake McDonald Lodge after picking up the instrument at the encouragement of Chef Josh Newman. He likes to jam with the other employees in the warm evenings of summer. He does what he can to encourage his fellow employees to not spend much time alone inside of their dorms but to take advantage of the opportunity to meet and get to know their co-workers from all over the world. Kevin grew up in Texas and says, “It’s hot in Texas. It’s not hot here. I moved here five years ago and have sweated maybe three or four times. I like that!”
We plan on sharing some of his pictures and posts from his experience this winter through our Facebook page and blog. His new job description is one that many of us are jealous of but would probably be leery to tackle.  Kevin, we hope to hear your exciting adventures during these winter months and for braving this challenge, we salute you!

Many Glacier Hotel and Mt. Wilbur


  1. Kevin, I envy you. Please keep the GPI world informed as to what a winter at Many is like. I just wish that the NPS had a web cam somewhere near the hotel so that we can all share a peek from time to time.

  2. Wow. I'd love the opportunity to see what that is like, but I'd probably not be able to manage it for months! Would love seeing pictures throughout the winter. I know there will be an awesome photographer's dream!

  3. Is internet service available at Many through the winter? The technology is available to get the Many Glacier webcam back up and running, even if it's just while the hotel is open. The NPS cam went down about six years ago - I miss it dearly. A capture from it is at:

  4. Kevin,

    I am looking forward to reading your blog over the course of the winter. My grandfather, Arne Sorkness, was the winter caretaker there from 1924 to 1930. He had been working for the Glacier Park Hotel Co. as early as 1922 at the Glacier Park Hotel in East Glacier (Midvale)under my great-uncle, Otto Thompson, who was the Chief Engineer for the company. Otto oversaw the maintenance for all the hotels, chalets and tent camps up until his untimely death in 1929. (That's another story.) Anyway, Arne married Otto's sister, Nettie - my grandmother in October of 1924 and the immediately moved to that little cabin where I assume you will be living. Arne was the location engineer and winter caretaker at Many Glacier until 1930/31 when they moved over to Lake McDonald to do the same thing. My dad was born in 1925 and spent the first five years of his life at Many Glacier. It would be nice to correspond with you at some point. Not sure how I can get your email address. Tom Sorkness

    1. Thomas,
      Thanks for sharing a little of your family history! We all love to see this kind of history. We would love to feature more of the kinds of stuff that you shared, and are wondering if you have any old photos/history related items that you would be willing to share with us, if you are interested? Do you live in the area? If this sounds like something you would want to get involved in, can you please email me at My name is Seth and I am the Social Media Coordinator here at GPI. Thanks, and If this is something that you are not interested in, that is of course fine as well.