Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gym Alternatives: Glacier Nordic Center

             Looking for an alternative to the gym this winter? Of course there is the Whitefish Mountain Resort, but have you discovered the Glacier Nordic Center? The Glacier Nordic Club grooms  several miles of trail on the Whitefish Lake Golf Course which is close to town and right next to our Grouse Mountain Lodge. Glacier Cyclery and Nordic has a kiosk right at the trail head off of Highway 93 and if you visit with Lou, she can set you up with rentals and lessons. They have all kinds of equipment and products right in the kiosk, so you’re not dead in the water if you forget anything at home.
            There are several groomed trails to ski  whether you prefer skate skiing or traditional side by side with part of the course even lit at night. If you want to check out the condition of the course before you head out you can always check the grooming report. The cost of a day pass is $8 per person and $55 for the year. They also have annual family passes for $110. The Club relies solely on the pass fees to support maintenance and grooming the trails and they do a wonderful job. The course is set up to travel one direction, but there are no regulations on this. If you are skiing against the normal traffic, it is etiquette to yield the right of way to any skier who is following the normal flow. There are no dogs allowed on this course, but there are many other courses in the area, and some of those do. It's always wise to check the regulations before you include Fido. 

Grouse Mountain Lodge with a snowstorm looming!

Inside Glacier Cyclery and Nordic's kiosk

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