Friday, June 28, 2013

History of the Lamp Shades of Lake McDonald Lodge

The original lamp shades in Lake McDonald Lodge were crafted in 1927 by members of the Blood Indian Tribe, for the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Park, Canada. The lamp shades hung in the Prince of Wales Hotel until moved to the Lake McDonald Lodge in 1960, when both hotels underwent remodeling. By 1982, the lamp shades were showing signs of deterioration and were in need of repair. Montana artist, Kay Storms, was commissioned to reproduce the shades.  

Some pieces of the original shades were salvaged and framed ot protect them from further deterioration.  Several of these pieces of art are being offered to the public. These pictographs tell many stories from the lives of the Indians during the early 1900's and by offering these fragile works, they hoped to help in some small way to save a piece of a proud and vanishing culture that not only shares our distant past, but also our distant future. The remnants are numbered and are guaranteed to be an authentic piece of the original lamp shades, salvaged by Kay Storms.  

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