Monday, June 3, 2013

June Calendar

1600x1200 pixels -- 4x3 aspect ratio

1920x1080 pixels -- 16x9 aspect ratio

In honor of our Glacier Park Lodge Centennial Celebration this month, our calendar is of the pristine grounds of the lodge.  The Centennial Celebration is on June 22nd and the complimentary public event will be from 11am to 2pm.

Activities include: rededication ceremony, an all-American BBB, photo booth, cotton candy, live music, and birthday cake.

10:30am—11am: Music by the Flathead Valley Community Band 
11am: Flag Raising Ceremony 
11:15am: Introduction by Ron Cadrette, GM/Vice President , Glacier Park Inc., of James J. Hill 
 12:30pm—2:00pm: Complimentary BBQ Lunch served in the Great Northern Dining Room, with individual performances by members of the Flathead Valley Community Band                
*No Reservation is required to participate*

To download the desktop wallpaper calendar, just follow these simple steps to get this wallpaper on your computer:

Click on whatever aspect ratio your monitor uses (16x9 or 4x3) and the picture will enlarge.
Right click (or ctrl click on a mac) and select the option "Save image as..." This will allow you to save it to your desktop or where ever is handy.
Locate the image you just saved on your computer, open it and right click on the image. Select "Set as desktop background" and you're finished!

If you need a different size to fit your desktop properly, please leave a note in the comments and we'll add that size to the options.


  1. Hi...thank you for the marvelous calendars.......feel like I'm there every time I boot up! I do, however, miss the higher resolution 16x9 pics earlier in the there any way to obtain the HiDef again? In any event....I am grateful for the pics! Miss being in Blackfeet country!!

    Kindest Regards,

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