Monday, June 3, 2013

Canadian Insurance for Massage Services



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Most Canadian employers health care plans include coverage for Massage Therapy.  Unlike many insurance plans in the US, they do not typically require a prescription from a medical doctor.  They do require that you pay for the service, and submit a receipt including the name and address of the facility where the massage was performed, name and registration (license) number of the Therapist giving the massage, date of service, and amount paid.  Upon submitting the receipt, most insurance companies will reimburse the amount in full.  Many insurance companies have $1000-$3000 limits on Massage Therapy, and many people do not even come close to using it up.  Remedies Day Spa provides print outs for services including all of the pertinent information needed to submit Massages purchased for reimbursement, and has locations on at The Spa at Grouse Mountain Lodge, and in East Glacier at the Glacier Park Lodge.  
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