Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#Throwback Thursday

#ThrowbackThursday: Here's a photo from the Minneapolis Paper by Great Northern Railroad in 1938 of Jim Wildt, a favorite cowboy guide for many years on the Grinnell Glacier Ride by Park Saddlehorse Co.. The photo is taken at Lake Josephine and shows Salamander Glacier up above, below the back side of the Garden Wall.

The caption under the photo describes Glacier Park as the "sublime wilderness" in northwestern Montana, offers some of the nation's most magnificent mountain scenery in its 1,537 square miles.  This colorphoto gives a good idea of what awaits the traveler to Glacier.  Typical of the park's sharp mountain summits that make a ragged saw edge on the horizon is the Garden Wall (background).  Just below is Grinnell glacier, one of the most accessible of the 60 -odd glaciers that gave the park its name.  Lake Josephine (foreground) is among the park's 250 lakes that sparkle amid impressive mountain settings.  Since Glacier park is being kept pretty much as nature made it, visitors will find few roads.  They enjoy the scenery by traveling mountain trails or horseback.

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